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A health foods retailer from Scotland was keen to grow online sales via its ecommerce store, and approached us for help.

We visited and critiqued the existing website, looking at it from a customer’s point of view, and sought to identify easy wins that could be implemented quickly and cheaply.

We proposed making the calls to action (i.e. the invitations to buy) more prominent, including moving products ‘above the fold’ so that they would be visible without scrolling, and expanding the product descriptions to better sell the items in question.

By helping the client put themselves in the shoes of their website visitors, we were also able to suggest ways of making the site structure, menus and navigation more logical and intuitive.

For example, though the site featured many gluten-free products – a key category that people are likely to search for via Google – there was no page that displayed all the gluten-free products in one place, and no signposting of the gluten-free range in the site’s menus.

By implementing these easy yet important changes to the site first, we aimed to help the client grow their sales as quickly as possible, and provide a sound platform for more substantial (and potentially expensive) improvements down the line.

Can we help your business?

If our website MOT sounds like something that would be useful to your business, just send us an email, or give us a call on (0191) 461 0361.

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