Dransfield Properties – social media training workshop for shopping centre managers

Dransfield Properties Ltd commissioned us to deliver a half-day social media training workshop for managers from across its shopping centre estate.

Training for shopping centre managers

Sheffield-based Dransfield Properties Ltd commissioned us to prepare and deliver a half-day social media training workshop for managers from across its shopping centre estate – including Fox Valley in Sheffield (where the session took place), Sanderson Arcade in Morpeth, Marshall’s Yard in Gainsborough, Market Cross in Selby, Lime Square in Openshaw, Five Valleys in Stroud, and the company-run Sandersons department store.

Having worked with Dransfield on several projects over the previous three years, we knew that the company and its managers were already well versed in using social media – especially Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – to engage effectively with their local audiences.

Prior to the August 2019 session, we therefore undertook an audit of the centres’ current social media activity, to identify both existing best practices and areas that could be improved further, and to determine what topics our bespoke workshop should focus on.

“Do even more of the good stuff”

Starting from the premise that everyone in the room was doing good work already, the interactive session aimed to provide additional practical tips and tricks to help the centre managers’ in their work, focusing on five key channels: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google My Business.

As well as highlighting how to write a great social media post, the session also covered important issues such as completing all the different elements of a Twitter or Facebook Page profile, and the ingredients involved in creating an eye-catching image for sharing.

LinkedIn influence

In particular, the social media audit identified that there was potential for centre managers to be more active on LinkedIn, using their personal profiles there to develop useful connections and build productive relationships.

In the session, Graham explained how increased LinkedIn activity would, in turn, help to build awareness – within the retail and commercial property industries, and among other influencers – of Dransfield’s schemes and activities, and highlighted the benefits that this could deliver for the company down the line (such as attracting new occupiers).

To put these ideas to the test, everyone in the room was asked to have a go, there and then, at creating a LinkedIn post about the day’s session, many of which immediately generated lots of likes and engagement.

“Interesting and informative insight”

Feedback from the session was excellent, with those who took part variously referring to the “interesting and informative insight” and “great tips”.

Productive morning today learning about social media for the business with the amazing Graham Soult. Great to learn new ways to promote, share and work with retailers and drive your business.

Melissa Goff on LinkedIn

Interesting morning with #retail #consultant Graham Soult – learnt lots of great tips for improving the Dransfield Properties centres social media pages!

Emily Hughes on LinkedIn

Perhaps most importantly, many of the lessons from the morning were demonstrated in the effective and creative social media content that participants were posting in the days after the event, and their evident enthusiasm for embracing what they had learnt.

Can you use our social media help?

At CannyInsights.com, our social media training can take whatever form your business needs – from a practical one-to-one session with a single staff member, to a group workshop with slides and interactive tasks.

Depending on what you need, we can focus on just one social media network – such as setting up your Google My Business listing or Twitter profile – or help you determine which channels are the best ones for you to use.

Our focus, of course, tends to be with organisations such as retailers and shopping centres, but we can usually help any business that is looking to improve the way that it communicates with customers and other audiences via its social channels.

Get in touch to tell us more about what help you are looking for, and let’s have a conversation.

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