Building brand awareness – North East dry cleaning firm worked with a North East dry cleaning firm on an ongoing basis, helping its new owners to build and manage its social media presence.

Building brand awareness worked with a North East dry cleaning firm on an ongoing basis during 2017 and 2018, helping its new owners to build and manage its online presence and social media.

Though the brand had a long heritage, and was well known across the North East, it had never been active on social media under its previous owners.

Hence, the new owners were keen to build up this online presence using Facebook and Twitter, in order to promote awareness of the chain’s shops and services (which included, for example, laundry and alterations, as well as the core dry cleaning).

Marketing plan

We worked with the company to develop a social media marketing plan, and create quality content – using lovely images, videos and engaging storytelling – to share across its social networks. Many posts focused on the staff, and what was happening in the branches and surrounding areas, to reinforce the message of the company being rooted in the communities in which it operated.

Part of our role was to also make sure that reviews and comments were responded to, and queries answered, in consultation with the in-branch staff.

Having opened its first branch outside the North East, we used Twitter and Facebook to build awareness of the brand among potential customers in that new region, and to foster new connections with other local businesses and influencers in the area.

Making top of mind

We were conscious that compared to other retail businesses, this company provided services, such as dry cleaning, that many customers may only require occasionally.

Therefore, the overarching aim of the digital marketing campaign was to make sure that the company’s brand would be immediately top of mind when a customer in the local area had a requirement for any of the services that it offered.

This message quickly seemed to get through, with an increase in enquiries via the company’s Facebook page, and growing numbers of customers in branch mentioning things that they had seen on the firm’s social media.

Updated 23 December 2019

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