Canny Durham Business Club member signed up as Sage Business Expert

Sage, the Newcastle-based business software provider, has recruited’s Graham Soult to champion enterprise as a Sage Business Expert.

Sage, the Newcastle-based business software and services provider, has recruited a Durham Business Club member to be one of its first Sage Business Experts.

Graham Soult, who runs the retail consultancy business, is one of nearly 30 “well connected business people” from across the UK who have been signed up to join Sage’s first ever online advocacy programme.

The aim of the new group is to support and advise the UK business community via social media, drawing together Business Experts who “share a commitment to promoting business and enabling others to do the same.”

Sage Business Experts come from businesses of all shapes and sizes, and from sectors spanning food manufacture to IT services, but all are known for their contribution to the business community, their knowledge and influence, and their extensive online presence through channels such as Twitter, LinkedIn and blogs.

Sage’s Social Media specialist, Cath Sheldon, commented: “We are passionate about supporting UK business potential but we can’t do this on our own. Our Business Experts have been handpicked for their advice and expertise on the issues that really matter to business.

“We look forward to growing this group, learning from them, and giving them even more of a voice to support businesses across the country.”

Sage Business Expert Graham Soult added: “As someone who’s already a passionate advocate for enterprise, networking and social media, I was delighted to accept Sage’s invitation to become one of its Business Experts.

“The programme is a great platform both for celebrating business and for championing the issues that are important to the retail sector, complementing what I already do through my blog, Twitter, and my work with retail clients.

“It’s also a welcome opportunity for me to engage more with one of the North East’s most successful and iconic businesses – and, just as importantly, a fellow Durham Business Club member, too.”

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