How can department stores thrive?’s Graham shares his thoughts at Retail Week

Writing at Retail Week,’s Graham Soult has shared his thoughts on what department stores need to do to remain relevant and attractive.

They have been part of Britain’s retail landscape for generations, but independent department stores now face more challenges than ever to survive and thrive.

Writing at Retail Week,’s Graham Soult has now shared his thoughts on what department stores need to do to remain relevant and attractive in the twenty-first century retail landscape. It particularly draws from the example of Sandersons, a new boutique department store in Sheffield, that was pleased to attend the opening of last month.

The column is behind the Retail Week paywall – so only subscribers can access it, unfortunately – but it picks up on themes that have already been covered in a couple of recent (and free-to-view) blog posts at Soult’s Retail View.

This post, from 31 August, discusses what a successful independent department store should look like. The follow-up here, from 27 September, looks at how Sandersons has addressed these issues, highlighting its strengths in terms of kerb appeal, store environment, customer experience, and marketing effectiveness.

Check out these posts, and let us know your thoughts!

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