An award-winning tool for towns

Graham Soult from using the Roam App
Graham Soult from using the Roam App

Created by North East entrepreneur Andrew Bartlett, Roam is an award-winning social networking travel app designed to increase footfall for bricks-and-mortar businesses, such as shops, cafes, bars and cultural venues.

It is free for users to download, and free for businesses to claim and manage their listings.

Roam for consumers – find out where to go, wherever you go

The Roam app website at
The Roam app website at

Available to download on the App Store for iOS and at Google Play for Android, Roam helps visitors to a place find venues that appeal to them, with handy features such as friend recommendations and in-app messaging.

In particular, Roam is designed to encourage users exploring locations in groups to have better experiences. It includes the ability to create shared itineraries, and has an optional safeguarding feature that notifies the rest of the group should anyone get split up from their companions.

Roam for business – communicate with customers

How #RoamLocal works - from R to M
How #RoamLocal works – from R to M

Any business, anywhere in the UK or beyond – such as a shop, shopping centre, cafe, restaurant or bar – can claim their venue on Roam for free.

With four push notifications a month included free of charge, Roam helps businesses communicate to new and existing customers, by alerting them about any news, offers, events or loyalty rewards that they have available.

Businesses that want to communicate with their followers more often can take advantage of the option to purchase bundles of additional push notifications, on a pay-as-you-go basis, all within the easy-to-use management portal. Marketing collateral – such as window stickers – is also available to buy.

#RoamLocal for places

A venue on Roam in Darlington
A venue on Roam in Darlington

Having successfully championed Roam in Darlington since 2016, Andrew and his team are now working with several Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) and other town teams around the country to roll out high-profile, townwide #RoamLocal campaigns.

By encouraging residents and visitors to use the app, and helping local businesses take advantage of the powerful opportunities that Roam offers, these places will turn the physical digital – raising awareness of, and driving footfall to, the shops, cafes, bars and other businesses in those towns, and helping the high street fight back.

Working closely together, is proud to be helping spread the word about Roam for business, but can also plug in additional services – such as social media promotion and training – to help your destination become even more visible and vibrant online.

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Ways that businesses are using Roam to communicate with customers
Ways that businesses are using Roam to communicate with customers

Roam’s success to date has already been recognised by it winning the “Best Marketing Initiative” prize at the Teesdale Business Awards.

If you’re a business or town that would like to know more about the opportunities of using Roam – or would like Roam and to develop a bespoke proposal for your place – message Andrew and Graham directly using the form below.

We look forward to hearing from you!