Getting you ‘liked’ and ‘followed’

As a regular speaker and writer on digital marketing, and the UK’s 12th most influential retail person on Twitter,’s Graham Soult is uniquely qualified to help your retail business get started – and keep going – on social media.

Twitter is an important marketing channel for many businesses. Photograph by Graham Soult
Twitter is an important marketing channel for many businesses. Photograph by Graham Soult

Whether you’re setting up your social media from scratch, or looking to make your existing profiles work better, we can:

  • Help you identify the best social networks for your business: Few businesses need a presence on every possible social platform – it’s much better to use two or three really well, than spread yourself too thinly. By understanding your business, who you want to reach, and what you want to achieve, we can assist you in creating a digital marketing plan, and help you choose the networks that will offer greatest value to you and your customers.
  • Set up your social media profiles: Creating a profile for your business on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or LinkedIn can be daunting – both in terms of knowing how to do it all from a tech point of view, and then making the right first impression through the images and descriptions that you add. Don’t worry – we can sort it all out for you, or lead you through the process with our one-to-one support.
  • Provide training or mentoring for you and your team: The best updates on social media are those that are timely, authentic and visual – and no-one is better equipped to do that than you and your team. We can come into your business to provide bespoke social media training for you and your staff, or offer ongoing mentoring – in person or electronically – to help you stay on track with your marketing plan.
  • Manage your social media for you: Sometimes you just don’t have the in-house resource to dedicate to your social media – but a dormant or outdated account risks conveying a negative impression of your brand. By taking over the management of your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or other networks, we can make sure that your business has a social presence to be proud of, building awareness of what you offer, engaging with your fans, and driving traffic to your online or physical store. Because we’re well connected, we can also make sure that your brand gets seen by retail influencers, and, where appropriate, benefits from exposure via our own channels covering the home, garden, property, travel and fashion sectors.
  • Promote your business via our exclusive channels: If your business operates in the property or home improvement space, the Social Media Marketing Package at’s Property & Building Directory showcases your business, for a whole year, via its dedicated @PBDPropertyTips accounts on Twitter and Facebook.

We can offer just as much or as little help as you need, but for us to manage a typical Twitter account and Facebook page for you we suggest a minimum of one day a month, which works out at an average of 20-25 minutes per weekday. Training and mentoring is charged (on a pro-rata basis) at our separate consultancy day rate (details available on request).

Our projects page gives several examples of how we have helped retail businesses improve their digital marketing.

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If you think your business would benefit from our input into its social media presence, we’d be delighted to hear from you – just drop us an email, give us a call on (0191) 461 0361, or even send us a tweet if you’re on Twitter already!