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Promoting Stockton-based Made by Marianne's collaboration with's Fashion & Style Directory. Photograph by Darren Mack
Promoting Stockton-based Made by Marianne’s collaboration with’s Fashion & Style Directory. Photograph by Darren Mack

It’s no good creating something brilliant – whether that’s a store, café, shopping mall, town centre, or even a product – if no-one knows how fabulous it is.

By combining our knowledge of all things retail with our talent for words and superb retail and media connections, we can not only spot a special story but also make sure that your news and brand reach the right people in the right places.

What we can do

Our retail PR and marketing services are perfect if you are looking to:

  • Secure coverage of a positive news story in the local press or online, such as an instore event, new store launch, or innovative product or service;
  • Build awareness of your business among national retail influencers, using our extensive networks and connections, and potentially get featured in the national media;
  • Promote your brand to consumers across the web – we can identify the most appropriate channels, and write and share useful, original content that demonstrates your business’s authority in its field and celebrates what you offer;
  • Showcase your business via our own unique and popular channels, such as our industry-targeted Soult’s Retail View blog, or our consumer-focused directory websites covering the fashion, home, garden, property and travel sectors.

You can see examples of our previous work here.

Drop us a line

If you think our unique combination of retail PR and marketing skills can benefit your business, we’d be delighted to hear from you. Just send us an email, or call us on (0191) 461 0361.