A fresh pair of eyes

We work with retailers and other organisations large and small to help them become more successful – whether that’s helping them to understand their customers better, communicate the right messages through their digital marketing, or offer a great experience at their store or destination.

CannyInsights.com's Graham Soult in Evesham town centre
CannyInsights.com’s Graham Soult in Evesham town centre

Ways in which we can help include:

  • Copywriting: improving the written content of your website, brochures or press releases, making sure that they say the right things and show off your business to its full potential;
  • Customer surveys: surveying your customers via questionnaires or focus groups, to find out what they like about the instore experience and what can be improved;
  • High-street regeneration: working with destinations to improve their kerb appeal, build brand awareness, grow their digital footprint, and increase footfall and spend;
  • Market insight: providing retail market insight to help inform your decision-making and grow your business – whether that’s through finding a store location, understanding what competitors are doing, or honing your marketing messages;
  • Proofreading: proofreading your web copy, report, leaflet or press release before it goes out into the world – catching the mistakes that can give a poor impression of your business;
  • Retail PR and marketing: helping you gain coverage for your news stories, promoting your brand, or showcasing your business via our own CannySites.com channels;
  • Social media marketing and training: supporting you in getting to grips with digital marketing and social media, whether you’re looking for training in setting up your Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, ongoing mentoring for your in-house team, or someone to manage it all for you;
  • Store visits: feeding back on your physical store environment from an informed-customer perspective, looking at features such as first impressions, signage, branding and display;
  • Website MOTs: giving your content website or online store an ‘MOT’, suggesting, and working with you on, improvements in areas such as content, readability, imagery, navigation, visual impact, and overall user experience.

If your business sits within the fashion, gardening, home, tourism or property sectors, you can also promote it online using our CannySites.com services.

Find out how we can help

For a no-obligation discussion of how we might be able to help you, contact Graham by email, or give him a call on (0191) 461 0361.