This is a list of appearances in the media by’s Graham Soult during 2017, including on radio and TV, and in the press.

Areas of expertise include supermarkets, value retailers, department stores, the changing high street, and brands and marketing.

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National radio interviews

Mentions in national press

Mentions in national retail/digital press

  • Retail Week: ‘BHS one year on – the property fall-out’ (behind paywall). Video discussion featuring Graham, Jonathan De Mello of Harper Dennis Hobbs, and George MacDonald and Luke Tugby of Retail Week, looking at what the ex-BHS stores have become (25 April 2017).

North East and other regions

Local television interviews

Graham Soult being interviewed by the BBC's Ian Reeve in Darlington town centre
Graham Soult being interviewed by the BBC’s Ian Reeve in Darlington town centre
  • BBC Look North: Pre-recorded interview with Ian Reeve in Darlington, discussing the factors – such as maintaining a safe, attractive environment – that contribute to a successful town centre (25 August 2017).

Local radio interviews

  • BBC Tees: Live interview with Scott Makin, talking about supermarket meat labelling, local butchers, and the demand for buying British (31 August 2017, telephone).
  • BBC Tees: Pre-recorded interview with Mike Parr, discussing the closure of big-name businesses in Darlington against the backdrop of what is happening elsewhere (25 August 2017, telephone).
  • BBC Tees: Live discussion about shopping habits and the role of Aldi and Lidl, in light of Tesco’s latest results released that morning (16 June 2017, telephone).
  • BBC Radio Nottingham: Live discussion about the still-extant pre-1999 Argos logo at Intu Broadmarsh in Nottingham – and what outdated fascias tell us about the retailers concerned – as previously blogged about in 2012 (21 April 2017, telephone).
  • BBC Tees: Live discussion about out-of-date offers in Tesco, and the ways that supermarket customers shop (13 February 2017, telephone).
  • BBC Newcastle: Live interview about Newcastle-based Fenwick closing its store in Leicester and launching an ecommerce site (5 January 2017, telephone).

Mentions in local/regional press

Northern Echo leader article (2 Sep 2017)
Northern Echo leader article (2 Sep 2017)
Chronicle story on Fenwick's move into ecommerce
Chronicle story on Fenwick’s move into ecommerce

Columns written by Graham Soult

Columns written for Converge cover a wide range of business-related themes, of interest to companies in North East England and beyond.

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